About Snatch Queen


Aneka Grandison

Aneka Grandison

CEO, Snatch Queen, LLC

Snatch Queen is all about feeling amazing, looking your absolute best and living that healthy lifestyle that gives you the confidence you need, every single day!

Started by founder Aneka after she reclaimed her passion for fitness, weight loss and nutrition in her thirties, she created Snatch Queen to inspire and motivate women just like her. 

Tired of seeing endless diets and weight loss programs that either did not deliver results or were dangerous, Aneka is dedicated to transforming ‘detox’ into a lifetime of healthy living!

By educating others and creating a community that can share in the healthy living journey together, Snatch Queen is committed to delivering practical healthy lifestyle solutions for people of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, ages and income levels.

Armed with a B.A. in Science from Briarcliffe College in New York City and with a love of reading, writing and dancing, Aneka is ready to transform the world of health and nutrition!