5 eCommerce Resources to Help Grow Your Online Business

Setup Your Website Where the Money Resides

Are you struggling with your Shopify website? Do you want to build a Shopify Store but don’t know how or where to begin? Don’t worry, we have you covered with a step-by-step guide to help you setup and design your website - potentially saving you thousands of dollars with the affordable DIY approach compared to hiring an expensive web developer.

  • eComm Builder Shopify eBook: This digital download covers everything you need to know about building a beautiful, functional, and profitable Shopify website. From connecting your website to your domain shop customizations to payment setup and apps, learn everything Shopify so you can beat the competition.
  • 10 eCommerce Mistakes: Many entrepreneurs think about the branding and development aspects of a business without considering the common pitfalls of a new ecommerce business. New business owners often make mistakes that cost them thousands of dollars and while most online business are considered low overhead, avoidable mistakes can easily shut down a business. We help by analyzing and offering solutions to 10 common money-costing mistakes so you can avoid the headache and high cost consequences.
  • Social Media Template and Content Planner: An important strategy for generating sales and revenue for your business is using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We created a Social Media Template & Content Planner to help organize your social media posts across multiple platforms. It’s a great tool for businesses that are having a difficult time gaining a following, getting engagement, or being consistent on social media. It includes templates for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and ideas for social media conten
  • DIY Email Marketing Content: For businesses who want to develop and implement an email marketing strategy and employ engaging, high-conversion emails, we created a DIY Email Content Template. This download teaches you how to set up email flows and convert clicks into sales for your business. It contains over fifty templates that have been proven to boost engagement - cold emails, appreciation emails, holiday emails, and more!
  • eCommerce Business Plan Workbook: Everyone business owner needs a business plan. If you’re struggling to start your ecommerce business and don’t know where, our eCommerce Business Plan Workbook can help point you in the right direction. A business plan not only provides clarity to potential investors, partners, or funding groups but it also provides you with clarity pertaining to the mission, set goals and future of your business. It contains useful tools such as a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, the framework for a marketing plan, and other useful guides that are fundamental to the foundation of an early online business. We highly recommend you to download this comprehensive workbook. It can certainly move the needle in your business.

The Best Affordable Resources for Small Businesses

Small business owners absolutely love our collection of digital downloads that educate them on how to best market their business on social media, optimize their business operations, scale their operations, and build and manage a website. If you’re interested in own a profitable eCommerce business, view our full collection of digital resources or book a call with the eComm Builder team.

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