Our commitment to you is simple: providing the best possible strategies, services, products, and resources, to help you build your ecommerce business. We believe that ecommerce services and information should be accessible to everyone which is why offer a range of educational resources, eBooks, webinars, and additional things to make sure you have everything you need to complement the websites we build and services we provide.

Our team knows Shopify inside and out and are committed to giving you a personalized experience with affordable, high-quality premium turnkey solutions at every stage of your ecommerce journey.

We believe in being transparent, honest, upfront, and informative regarding our products and service offerings with the promise to work tirelessly to help you reach your goals, milestones, and revenue objective. 

As the founder of The eComm Builder, I understand the excitement of taking an idea to market as well as the complexities and challenges involved in truly building a successful ecommerce business. Having built a successful online business using Shopify, I want our clients to feel the same joy and achieve much success! My passion for eCommerce and Shopify combined with my personal experiences has driven me to build this agency to help other entrepreneurs launch, expand, and scale their online businesses and achieve their ecommerce goals.

Our promise to you is to give you all of the tools you need to grow and scale your online business with confidence with a strategic partner who is equipped to be there every step of the way.

Aneka Grandison – Founder, The eComm Builder