Low-Cost Business on Shopify: Quickest & Easiest Way To Start

Are you looking to start a business on Shopify but don't have a lot of money to invest upfront? 

Shopify is a great platform to look into if you want low-cost business ideas that don't require much or any investment. The start-up expenses for dropshipping, print-on-demand, and digital products are all relatively low. You can quickly begin working from home with Shopify.

There are plenty of low-cost business ideas on Shopify that you can start with minimal investment. In this blog post, we'll explore three popular options: dropshipping, print-on-demand, and digital products.

1: Dropshipping

What is dropshipping: 

Dropshipping is a business model in which an online store owner doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store receives an order from a customer, it purchases the item from a third party, typically a wholesaler or manufacturer, who then ships it directly to the customer. This means that the store owner never physically handles the products, eliminating the need for inventory management and upfront investment. Dropshipping offers aspiring entrepreneurs a low-risk opportunity to start an e-commerce business, as it requires minimal capital, allows for flexible operations, and offers a wide range of products to sell without the burden of storage or fulfillment logistics.

When it comes to dropshipping, there are many vendors to choose from, both in the USA and internationally. Researching and comparing vendors is key to finding the best fit for your business.

  • USA Vendors:
  • There are many exporting vendors in the USA to pick from, and each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Doba, SaleHoo, Spocket, and AliExpress are a few well-liked choices. It's crucial to investigate and contrast these vendors to find the one that is the best match for your company and target market. When making a choice, take into account elements like product selection, shipping costs and times, and customer reviews.

  • International Vendors:
  • There are several choices to think about when dropshipping from international sellers. Alibaba, Global Sources, and Oberlo are a few of the well-liked options. These platforms offer a wide range of products at reasonable prices, but it's important to do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions about potential vendors to make sure the quality and reliability of the products. Oberlo, DHgate, and Wholesale Central are additional websites where you can drop ship internationally.

    Benefits of dropshipping:

    Due to its many advantages, dropshipping has grown to be a popular business model for internet business owners. Dropshipping has many benefits, one of which is its inexpensive startup costs since there is no need to buy inventory upfront. In this scenario, the store owner purchases the product from the vendonr individually and the vendor himself is responsible to deliver the product to the customer. This implies that there are no storage expenses, which can be expensive for conventional shops. Furthermore, dropshipping offers more flexibility because it is simpler to test and experiment with various products without committing to huge inventories. All things considered, dropshipping might be a low-risk and affordable approach to launching an internet business.

    2: Print-on-Demand

    What is print-on-demand? 

    Products are printed and dispatched according to the business model known as "print on demand" only after an order has been placed. Print-on-demand on Shopify lets store owners sell customized items like phone cases and t-shirts without having to keep stock. A third-party provider handles printing and delivery, making it a low-risk and affordable choice for internet enterprises.

  • USA Vendors:
  • There are several US-based vendors to pick from if you want to launch a print-on-demand business on Shopify. Printify, Gooten, and Printful are some of the well-liked alternatives. With a wide range of customizable products and easy integration with Shopify, these suppliers make it easy and cheap to start selling your own products.

  • International Vendors: 
  • Shopify provides a wide range of foreign vendors for print-on-demand companies. SPOD (Europe), Gooten (US, Europe, Australia), and AOP+ are a few of the well-liked solutions. (China). It is simple and low-risk to launch a print-on-demand company because these vendors handle printing and delivery on behalf of Shopify store owners.

    Benefits of print-on-demand:

    On Shopify, print-on-demand is becoming a more common business strategy. Since products are only produced and dispatched after an order is placed, one of the key advantages of print-on-demand is that there is no need to make an upfront investment in inventory. As a result, it is a low-risk and affordable approach to launching an internet business. With print-on-demand, store owners can quickly offer a wide range of products without having to keep physical stock. This gives them more room for flexibility and customization. With the help of outside vendors, Shopify's print-on-demand services can quickly expand abroad. This makes it a great choice for business owners who want to reach a global market.

    3: Digital Products

    What are digital products, and how do they work?

    A digital products business on Shopify is all about selling things that can be downloaded, like e-books, courses, music, and software. 

    After making a purchase, customers can download these items immediately from the Shopify store without the need for real delivery or inventory. Due to their affordable production costs and simplicity of distribution, digital items are becoming more and more popular. Shopify makes it easy for store owners to make and sell digital goods, and they can use services like automatic delivery and secure digital delivery. This makes it a great choice for business owners who want to start an online business with low risk and high profits.

  • USA Vendors:
  • SendOwl, FetchApp, and SkyPilot are just a few of the several US-based vendors for Shopify's digital products marketplace. These vendors provide functions including automatic fulfillment, safe digital delivery, and the ability to sell a range of digital goods like e-books, programs, and courses. Shopify store owners may quickly and affordably market their products to a worldwide audience by collaborating with a digital goods seller.

  • International Vendors: 
  • Shopify provides a variety of foreign vendors for companies selling digital products. SendOwl (UK), Gumroad (Canada), E-junkie (India), and Selz(Australia) are a few of the well-liked choices. These suppliers make it simple to deliver and manage digital products, which makes it a practical and affordable choice for business owners everywhere.

    Benefits of selling digital products:

    The advantages of selling digital products on Shopify are numerous. First off, since there is no need to buy inventory or deal with physical delivery, this business model offers low overhead expenses. When compared to conventional retail, this may result in better profit margins. Additionally, the ability to create and customize products more easily is made possible by the sale of digital goods. Additionally, since there are no shipping or handling charges for digital products, expanding internationally is made simple. It's simple to run and expand a digital products business thanks to Shopify's automatic fulfillment tools and secure digital delivery system. In general, selling digital goods via Shopify is a practical, low-risk, and possibly profitable choice for business owners.


    In conclusion, one of the quickest and simplest ways to begin an online store is to build a low-cost business on Shopify. Entrepreneurs can launch their enterprises with little to no inventory and cheap overhead costs by using dropshipping, print-on-demand, and digital products businesses. Setting up and running an online store is simple thanks to Shopify's user-friendly platform and wide selection of connectors. Additionally, these companies can now easily expand internationally because of the availability of international vendors. Starting a low-cost business on Shopify can be an easy and affordable method to get started in e-commerce and develop a successful online business, regardless of your level of experience as an entrepreneur.. If you are interested in setting up any of these business model to start earning from the comfort level of your home, Theecommbuilder is here to help you build the business of your dreams. Dont wait further, schedule a call with Shopify Queen Aneka Grandison. 

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