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Six-Figure eCommerce Strategist Teaches Black Entrepreneurs How to Build a Successful Business

Aneka Gradison, founder of The Ecomm Builder, an online business that offers Shopify courses, marketing workshops, and digital resources to entrepreneurs, is breaking barriers by becoming a leading online resource for small black businesses. Many black-owned businesses don’t make it to year five; therefore, Grandison has developed comprehensive learning opportunities that teach entrepreneurs how to improve their marketing, branding, and sales strategies. Ecomm Builder provides black entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build a profitable e-commerce business, ranging from free to paid resources.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Grandison worked at a local bank in Houston while managing her online product-based Sea Moss business. Grandison was determined to become a full-time business owner, so she improved her marketing techniques and learned how to double her sales using the Shopify ecommerce platform. She implemented profitable marketing and sales strategies, documented her processes for success, and automated her operations. Over the span of 8 months, Grandison’s Sea Moss business generated over $100,000 in revenue.

“I remember when I first started my business, I didn’t quite have an understanding of how hard it would be, let alone having the funds to hire someone to build my site and market my brand, so I researched, tested different strategies, and continued to improve my business, which in return created many recipes for success.” Grandison states. “That is why I launched The Ecomm Builder." It is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and small business owners who may not have the money to pay thousands of dollars for a website or marketing strategy. My courses, downloads, and kits serve as a lifeline to help grow your business. If you need content ideas, we have them. If you need a Shopify website, we can build it. If you need to know how to build a profitable Etsy store, we provide support. If you need a marketing strategy, we will create it for you. "The Ecomm Builder is the business assistant you didn’t know you could afford.”

Grandison used her plan for success to make The Ecomm Builder. She did this so she could help entrepreneurs relax and figure out how to run a successful business in a world with a lot of different strategies, tools, and selling platforms. The online learning center offers a large selection of affordable digital products and online courses, including a Shopify 101 course, an SEO guide, Etsy store services, digital marketing workshops, drop shipping workshops, and more.

The Ecomm Builder’s team, led by Aneka Grandison, offers consultations to potential clients so they can develop custom-tailored solutions to answer their clients' needs. Contact The Ecomm Builder today or visit their website to learn more about how they are building up black businesses through education, opportunity, and insight. 

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