We Are Drop Shipping Our Products

Here at Snatch Queen, we now offer a great new drop shipping business opportunity. Drop shipping is an easy way to run a business without worrying about actually handling or shipping a product. We are eager to introduce you to our opportunity, but first of all let’s take a look at the business model. What is drop shipping, and what are the pros and cons of having a drop shipping business?

What’s is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a business model where you work with a partner company who do all of the product supply and shipping for you. Essentially, all you need to worry about is marketing the product and securing the customer. Your partner company then ship the product directly to the customer on your behalf. Most people run their drop shipping business through a website and social media channels.

Pro/cons of drop shipping

 There are pros and cons to drop shipping. However, it is often argued that the pros outweigh the cons because it is such a simple model for the business owner!

The main pros of drop shipping are that you don’t have to worry about ordering in and storing stock. You also don’t have to worry about dispatch and shipping, which can save you time and money. In summary, the main pros are:

  • No product development - ready made products for you to market
  • Opportunity to create your own brand
  • Cheaper office/storage costs because you don’t store the product
  • Save time on dispatch and shipping - your partner company will do that for you
  • Makes a great online business - perfect for anyone good at blogging and social media
  • Works very well as a ‘work from home business’
  • Location independent - the perfect business for digital nomads


As with any business model, there are the downsides. If you are not very good at sales and marketing then you may find running a drop shipping business a challenge. Here are the main cons to drop shipping:

  • Little or no control over products or input in product development
  • Reliant on another business
  • If you are not good at sales or online marketing getting customers can be difficult

Open a Drop Shipping Business with Snatch Queen

Here at Snatch Queen, we offer the opportunity to set up a business which will allow drop shopping on the following products:

  • Skin care
  • Yoni Steam
  • Herbs
  • Sea Moss Products

As these products are popular health and skin care products they are easy to market online. Our products are made from natural and plant based ingredients, free from artificial ingredients and parabens.

These products work well when promoted through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. So, if you are passionate about health or skincare and are looking to work from home then this business could be for you!

Free drop Shipping Workshop

If you are new to drop shipping, worry not! We are providing a completely free drop shipping workshop where we teach you the ins and outs of starting your own business. Learn about the products and how to market them.

So, why not change your life by an exciting drop shipping business today? Be your own boss!

Interested? Contact us here info@snatchqueen.com


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